The ref can't always be right

A bad ref is the type of refs that be nice to one team and horrible to the other team and can call stuff like no try and foul when the other team gets a goal in and It counts.
Good refs well they aren't a thing because everyone on the opposition would think if the ref calls foul on the other team the opposition be like no foul bad call.
But the best type of ref is an even ref an even ref is the one that is from a completely different team than the two that are clashing so the ref is a passive ref and isn't taking anyone's side.
Then there are the supporters yep the supporters whining screaming moaning and crying I can go on for hours and I will … syke I won't but I can tell you about the ones that need to go. The ones that need to go are the ones that were ones that yell at the ref so to back this up to earlier this year to Christchurch V West coast day two last game I could hear the coach of Christchurch screaming at our ref bad call come on what its abuse and it sucks.

Passion progect

Bird of the year

Nuclear Free NZ

What happened: In 1985 1st of March David Lange got invited to the Oxford union for a debate
What he said: David Lange does not want to have nothing nuclear new zealand starting from 1987
There legastration encompanes to intail the stance of an opposing a weapons of mass destruction
All countries have a silent treaty and that is a known fact
Another reason why there is no nuclear power in NZ because people will get diseases and die

Proposed Hollyford/Haast Road

Don't do it cost too much money and there's no point because you have to pay to drive on the road

the Haast road should be changed like this

As you see in the diagram we think that road should not be built because it could ruin the environment and plus people would the greenstone on the beach so we’ve decided that the road should be built but from Queenstown to Milford sound and also the road would cost more money from Haast to Milford and it would ruin the view if the road was built from Haast to  

Rainbow warrior boat Bombing

For this social studies event, we had to write about the French government spies.

When it happened: 1985 July the 10th
What happened: in the Auckland harbour where Christine Cabon bombed the rainbow warrior boat  
how it happened:She flatted with green peace she said she wasn’t a spy and she wasn’t who she said she was a spy New Zealanders new her as Frederique bonlieu she stuck 2 bombs to the side of the ship when they were leaving the Auckland harbour one on the generator and one on the main engine

When they went diving and planted the bombs when they were finished they hid all their equipment
They were going to put bacteria in the fuel but then they didn't.