Thursday, 14 June 2018

Using basic python syntax

Today we learned to use python basic syntax and how to use trinket. Trinket is a fun site to go on it helps you learn. and to use JavaScript syntax and use things like parentheses and semicolon and case sensitive. in python you don`t use semicolons like you would use in JavaScript and in trinket we can change the color and speed and the size of the circle and what it says once you have finished like i changed mine to say lets learn dogs


Monday, 26 March 2018

My Opinion Piece on Police Pursuits

Do NZ Police need Pursuits Or Not  

I was reading about the pursuit in nelson this month and the 3 people who died this last week and it's disgusting.

Is it necessary to pursue a car if it's going to put people in danger, I wondered to myself if police pursuits are going
to cause accidents and kill people and severely injure them. Do they need to stop? Do they need to run?
This is what happens in a typical police chase: Somebody has done something wrong, gets in a car and speeds down
the road and a highway cop car comes and chases the other car and the car that's running goes to fast and spins out
and people either die, get severely injured, wreck properties and or they will just go to jail.

Why do they run? I reckon it's because they have a lot of money that they stole or they have just been pulled over and  
the are running from another cop.

A way to fix the problem. Well we could make it a higher fee for a fine and or if they do run they could give them a licence ban.
We should be able to walk or drive down the road thinking we are safe and not thinking we are going to be hit or near missed
by a car.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Cave Stream Reflection

First time cruising through the cave a long 2 hour walk. In the car packed up with Liam, Reed, Jai and our driver Tony first couple of minutes into the ride we decided to torcher Jai. An hour and a half crawled buy and we were there getting changed was nuts we went over the hill and we all got dressed and Reed was mooning us getting the wetsuit on was a struggle. Everyone was dressed and we got a briefing about the cave from Mr. S-W.

At the entrance of the cave, it was slippery and Konnah slipped over, right at the start and got wet the first corner was the deepest and as you would expect it would be cold. the was no point of ground that hasn't been touched by water. there we heap of mini caves and the biggest being the one near the ledge and there's a story about a hidden bible it was not found. The ledge that we sat on was cool we found out my helmet was glowing.

Comming up to the waterfall was cool we saw some big spiders and the waterfall was hard for most people and hard for me coming up to the exit was was a long wait and climbing up the ladder was was scary and dodgy and crawling and holding onto the chains was cool.

Declyn Year 7

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The ref can't always be right

A bad ref is the type of refs that be nice to one team and horrible to the other team and can call stuff like no try and foul when the other team gets a goal in and It counts.

Good refs well they aren't a thing because everyone on the opposition would think if the ref calls foul on the other team the opposition be like no foul bad call.

But the best type of ref is an even ref an even ref is the one that is from a completely different team than the two that are clashing so the ref is a passive ref and isn't taking anyone's side.

Then there are the supporters yep the supporters whining screaming moaning and crying I can go on for hours and I will … syke I won't but I can tell you about the ones that need to go. The ones that need to go are the ones that were ones that yell at the ref so to back this up to earlier this year to Christchurch V West coast day two last game I could hear the coach of Christchurch screaming at our ref bad call come on what its abuse and it sucks.

So this is my conclusion the ref can't always be right.

Using basic python syntax

Today we learned to use python basic syntax and how to use trinket. Trinket is a fun site to go on it helps you learn. and to use JavaScript...